Core business 

Knitted apparel manufacturing
Vision Corporate Happiness

Integrity before income. People before profit.


Empower workforce and interlink their personal goals with business goals

Control through optimized business scale

Cost efficiency through technologically current machines and methods

Quality statement

Quality is a careful balance between the technical and the commercial, and is the result of intention, intelligence, effort and execution.

Social policy
  1. Shall  not  use  child  labour
  2. Shall  not  use  forced  labour
  3. Shall  provide  a  safe  and healthy  working  environment
  4. Shall  respect  the  right of  all  personnel  to  collective  bargaining
  5. Shall  not  engage  in  or  support  discrimination
  6. Shall  not  engage  in  or  support  the  use  of  punishment
  7. Shall  adhere  to  the  laws  applicable  for  working  hours
  8. Shall  ensure  that  wages  paid  always  meet  the  legal  or  industry standards and are sufficient  to  meet  basic  needs
  9. Shall  provide  regular  employment  to  the extent  possible
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